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Fall Birdfood Sale Sept. 10th - 26th

fall birdfood sale banner_2021

Thank you for choosing Wild Birds Unlimited as the place you visit to keep the joy of birds in your yard and your life. We know that life has been much more stressful for most of you lately and that almost everyone is experiencing challenges that change the way we live and the way we feel about life in this community, country, and on this planet.

Many of those challenges have also affected the way we do business. Our most important supplier is unable to meet the demand we have for seed during a typical fall seed sale. So, we're offering a sale on the seed and suet products that we can supply consistently to you. This should pass when this summer's seed crop comes in and we will return to our tried and true ways but there's one thing we will always be free to do: share the joy of birdfeeding.

What's new in your backyard this fall? Changes are coming. Click the links below for a deep dive into the status and distribution of a few of our most important feeder bird species: